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Wyse was born in Aiken SC on September 24th, 1992. After constant moving around from cities like Atlanta to New York,he and his family relocated to Gastonia NC, where he began to take his music seriously.


By the age of 7 he knew he wanted to be a musician due to the fact his mother would play soul music throughout the day. Along with other influences such as Jazz, and Funk, Wyse began to take a passion to Hip Hop. 


Recently Wyse has released 6 full-length albums independently under his own indie record label (LikeWyse Productions LLC), and is currently working on his 7th studio album to be released in early 2024. 


Make Way for Me " stated off of his 5th release "Soulhop", is something this talented MC plans to do to the music industry.


With the mind of an old soul and content that's thought-provoking, there is no telling what he could do . Stay Tuned for "The Alternative","The Intellectual", the one and only.......WYSE.

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